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An outstanding vine site growing mostly white varieties of both traditional local varieties as well as international. Goldhamer produces rather full bodied and rich wines with complex character – the best Welschriesling that in ideal vintages reaches nectar and honeyed character.


One of the highest positioned vineyards not only in Perna but within the whole Czech Rep. Grows mostly whites with majority being traditional varieties. Kotelná is a table hill right on the edge of lime stone rocks that provide high minerality.


An iconic vine site in considerably high elevation (350-380 m) plated mostly with white varieties. The site is closely connected with Welschriesling a variety that actually reaches its apogee here. Originally during the German influence called “Durst Berg” (Thirsty Hill). Vines are grown in a mild stress environment thanks to high levels of calcium that forces them to produce high quality fruit.

  • Bergrus
  • Goldhamer
  • Kotelná
  • Levá Bavorská
  • Levá Klentnická
  • Na statkách
  • Nad sokolovnou
  • Pravá Bavorská
  • Pravá Klentnická
  • Purmice
  • U Boží muky
  • U kapličky
  • U Mikuláška
  • U Spálené hospody
  • Věstonsko
  • Zahrady
  • Železná



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